Beginners Guide To Salmon Fishing In Alaska

Alaska is known to have a number of fishing destinations. There are a number of fish one could catch; however the most common is the salmon. In order to catch it, one needs to employ a few tricks especially if you are a beginner. It is therefore very important that you have adequate knowledge of salmon fishing so as to be able to have a successful fishing trip. Various tips constitute a beginners guide to salmon fishing, they include;

1. Proper Planning:

Good planning is the most crucial step when it comes to fishing or practically anything. It is therefore very important to do your research and plan accordingly for the fishing trip.

2. Pick The Timing Of Your Fishing Trip Carefully

When going for salmon fishing in Alaska, it is essential to pick the timing of your fishing trip. You are required to check the run time charts for the area you are going to fish. You can also engage the local fishermen on the times when salmon fish are available in plenty. You can even look at scientific reports. Your fishing timing should also correspond to the dawn and dusk timing regardless of the position of the sun.

3. Check The Weather

The Gulf of Alaska is famous for huge storms. Severe weather is not favorable for a fishing trip as it can make the trip end or a boat trip to be canceled or postponed to a future date. If the weather is not as favorable, you can consider roadside fishing as there are various places in Alaska where you can do roadside fishing such as Kenai River.

4. Keep Your Hooks In The Water

Salmon Lures

You are required to keep your hooks in the water at all times; this is because catching fish is not something certain, it is either by probability or mere good luck. Therefore for maximum efficiency, you are required to always keep your hooks in the water.

5. You Should Go Sight Seeing

To locate salmons, it is important for you to go sightseeing. You could take note of sea birds, sea lions and whales. This wildlife is feeding on salmon; it is, therefore, important to pay attention to wildlife since they are likely to point you to the direction where you can catch a large number of salmon fish.

6. Put In A lot Of Effort

Fishing should not only be treated as a hobby but also as a contact sport. When it comes to salmon fishing, you need to go out of your way and put in a lot of effort in order to get a large and successful catch.

7. You Need To Be Flexible

When it comes to salmon fishing flexibility is critical. The ocean and everything in it including fish are continually changing; it is, therefore, essential and advisable not to stick to one particular routine; instead, you should opt for different techniques. You should keep researching on any new developments when it comes to salmon fishing.

8. Choose Your Bait Wisely

It is very important that you choose your bait wisely before going on a salmon fishing trip. The most effective baits are those that contain herring pieces. Once you have chosen your suitable bait, you should move towards the fish but at a very low speed. If you are not familiar with fish movements, you can seek the help of a fishing guide.

9. Get A Long Trolling Line

When you choose to have a longer trolling line, it can help in increasing the trolling speed. This will help in catching a large number of salmons.

10. Start With A Small Boat

This is highly recommended for beginners. It is advisable to start fishing with a small boat and in shallow water bodies before going into the ocean where it might be a bit challenging for a beginner.

11. Ensure You Have Equipment

When going for a salmon fishing trip, it is important that you ensure that you have adequate fishing equipment. The equipment should also be in a proper state. You used also ensure that you dress appropriately for a fishing trip. You could also consider having rubber gloves on and also some wash towels for hygienic purposes.
These are the various tips for a beginners guide to salmon fishing in Alaska.